About Nessen wheels

Nessen net-shape forged wheels, without any spinning involved, are lighter and stronger than counterparts produced by any other technology. They are produced the same way as the Formula One wheels, forged by the unparalleled SMW process.

Forged magnesium wheels are available upon request.

Our wheels are manufactured with precision to be the lightest in the industry, motorsport-grade, yielding numerous advantages to the driver, particularly:

Faster acceleration and reduced stopping/braking distance;


Somewhat improved fuel efficiency and resulting CO2 emissions reduction;


Tire lifecycle increase, and tire failure (blow-out) risk minimization;


Brake pads and brake disks longevity increase;


Suspension system lifecycle prolongation; 


More comfortable and safer cornering/turning.

Magnesium Wheels


Magnesium wheels are best in class and are not only made for the top professionals. They are also selected by car and motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world — because they are 25% lighter than their aluminium counterparts. Competition wheels are occasionally subjected to speeds of over 300 km/hour, so safety has to be the highest priority. Additionally, magnesium wheels provide faster heat dissipation from the wheels and the brake system, which is a very important feature for motorsports professionals.


Magnesium alloys enjoy higher Specific Heat values. And importantly, magnesium wheels possess exponentially higher damping factor providing for numerously better characteristics for absorbing vibrations, shocks, impacts, noise and such – thus providing a significantly more comfortable ride to the pilot and preserving the suspension system for longer service.

SMW wheels

The distinguishing advantage of SMW state of the art forging process is defined by the proprietary three-dimensional closed-die molds and the specialized 10000 and 15000 ton hydraulic presses — ensuring the desired metal flow with fibers positioning along the spokes, and with higher degree of deformation for optimal grain microstructure.

This results in superior metallurgical characteristics and improved mechanical properties. Perfected for high speeds, wheels forged by SMW have long been the preferred choice of F1 and most MotoGP teams and of professional drivers in a variety of championship classes globally.

Forging technology
Multi-step CNC

The most advanced Mazak CNC machines are employed, providing for:

Multi-step CNC machining process (5-axis machines) to eliminate residual stresses, ensure better wheel balancing and near-zero run-out possibilities.

special coating solution for magnesium wheels has been developed ensuring superior corrosion resistance (up to 2000 hours in SST) and a durable finish.

Our wheels & Nokian tires

Our wheels come fitted with well-compatible highest quality Nokian tires, at customer’s option. Attractive discounts are available when wheels and tires are purchased together as a set, as this allows us to ensure the best possible synergy and compatibility for the safest and optimized ride.